Ikalafeng has published, written
and contributed to several books
on a range of topics
from autobiographies, personal
marketing, brand leadership,
trends and society.

Writing Archive

  • We Should Patent That '76 Vintage

    What stuck in my mind was the year 1976 and the attention around some far away place called Soweto. Its kids were led by a Tsietsi Mashinini, who didn't like Afrikaans - something we could not...  More

  • Name It And Claim It

    To assert our newly reclaimed Africanness, recognize our heritage, and exercise our power, many of the new South Africa's people, places and institutions have gone on a re-branding spree.   More

  • Branding Confusion

    With so many agencies advertising South Africa, giving different messages, the notion of a national identity has become somewhat confused.Despite creating countless institutions; and investing...  More

  • All The Glitz And Glamour, South African style

    Awards can only be worthy if they recognise brands which are built on sound consumer insights, and drive bottom-line results. Quite often they are merely for stroking the egos of marketers and...  More

  • Marketers Should Be Voices Of Consumers

    Marketers should focus on the impact their efforts make on the bottom line, rather than obsess about creative awards, brand awareness and attitudinal assessments. After 15 years of visiting...  More

  • Why Brand A Nation

    We asked award-winning brand consultant Thebe ikalafeng to get the inside track from the globe's leading nation branding specialists, Simon Anholt and Wally Ollins.  More

  • 10 Ways To Build Brands In A New Era

    Ten opportunities and trends will define how brands win customer loyalty. Among them, the astute business person will ensure their propositions recognize the role of women and are geared up to...  More

  • Brands On Boards

    Fortune Magazine predicted in 1997 that "in the twenty-first century, branding ultimately will be the only unique differentiator between companies. Brand equity is s now a key asset".  More