Ikalafeng has published, written
and contributed to several books
on a range of topics
from autobiographies, personal
marketing, brand leadership,
trends and society.

Writing Archive

  • God Is A Big Brand Who Delivers On His Promise Very Late

    There's a battle for the consumers' attention by brands, a fight that is waged on street poles and billboards. Muscling in to grab consumers' attention among Coca Cola's "the real thing," Standard...  More

  • Margate In For Big Surprise When Loeries Come To Town

    With the Loerie awards for advertising excellence given up by the marketing fraternity and handed to creatives, it was anyone's guess where they would take the event.  More

  • Still Setting South Africa's Banking Standard

    Standard Bank has shrugged off the challenge to its position as South Africa's leading bank posed by the takeover of Absa by global banking giant Barclays.  More

  • Par Excellence

    In a testament to its strong affinity with local consumers, the brand's relationship score of 13.9 outpaces the top 10 brands by a range of between 4.5 times for SAB Limited and 10 times for Pick...  More

  • Undisputed King Of The Castle

    In the SA market, SAB Limited is the undisputed choice of all beer drinkers, with the first eight of the top 10 favourite brands all bearing the SAB trademark.   More

  • Winners Appeal To The Senses

    GLOBAL studies show that as marketing and advertising budgets increase by 3.6% annually, the returns decline by 3.3%. The effects of branding campaigns are declining steadily due to the cost of...  More

  • Tweens Shift $600bn In Quest For Cool

    White tweens are caught with one leg in the innocence of childhood and the other in the teenage search for self and freedom, one thing is certain: their everyday buying decisions have an...  More

  • Cool: It's The Hottest Thing

    How do you define "cool?" Marketers are now employing "cool hunters" - young people who hang around kids and try to spot the "cool" ones who are seen to be trendsetters.  More

  • Unisa - A Bold New Brand

    The merger of the old Unisa and Technikon SA, and the incorporation of Vista Vudec to create South Africa's first comprehensive higher education institution, the single dedicated provider of...  More

  • Branding Government

    The question is always posed whether the state can be regarded as a brand? All leading brands are identifiable by their brand symbols, the brand identity. The identity is not the brand itself, but...  More