Ikalafeng has published, written
and contributed to several books
on a range of topics
from autobiographies, personal
marketing, brand leadership,
trends and society.

Writing Archive

  • Companies Must Share To Show They Care

    In 2003, Anglo American committed itself to a R30-million community partnership project to help accelerate the provision of HIV/Aids services in about 200 of South Africa?s public clinics....  More

  • Big Names Know All About Endurance

    In a comparison of the top 10 brands of 1995 with those of 2004, the top five admired companies of 1995 ? Coca-Cola, Eskom, Telkom, SAB Ltd and Pick ?n Pay ? remain the most admired brands of...  More

  • Why Chiefs Beat Bafana Every Time

    National team get more viewers per game than the glamour club, but Amakhosi are the more popular brand in SA soccer.  More

  • Brands Can Better ROI

    Mr Thebe Ikalafeng is the Managing Director of Brand Leadership. In a candid interview with TeleScope Editor Oiva Angula, Mr Ikalafeng gives his insights into the Telecom Namibia brand audit...  More

  • Here's The Challenge

    A diverse pool of talent will sharpen our creative resources. The parliamentary hearings in 2001 and 2002, spearheaded by communications committee chairman Nkenke Kekana, brought a sense of...  More

  • SA's Brand Heroes: A Better Life For All

    Armed with a mandate from almost two-thirds of South Africans eligible to vote, the ANC embarked on a mission to reposition and relaunch brand SA, with a clear value proposition - a better life...  More

  • Selling The State As A Consumer Brand

    Contrary to popular belief, the concept of brands goes beyond the borders of clothing, chain stores and motor vehicles. In these ever changing times, the private sector is not the only place where...  More