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Date Media Headline
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14 August 2020   Owning The African Renaissance
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15 June 2020   Nike Retains Top Spot As Africa’s Best Brand, While Adidas And Samsung Take 2nd And 3rd Spots
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30 May 2020   Africa’s Top 100 Brands 2020
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27 May 2020   Digital Conversations Keynote by Thebe Ikalafeng
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25 May 2020   Which Brands Are Leading In Africa
17 February 2020   Blessing Ngobeni Opens Up Studio In Celebration Of SBYAA
29 January 2020   Honouring Dr Richard Maponya
3 January 2020   Building Brands And Reputations With Thebe Ikalafeng (Part 2)
3 January 2020   Building Brands And Reputations With Thebe Ikalafeng (Part 1)