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Date Media Headline
27 November 2012   Radio 702's Bruce Whitfield Chats To Thebe Ikalafeng On Shaping The South African Identity
27 November 2012   The Transformational Role Played By Successful Entrepreneurs. Thebe Ikalafeng Chats To Chichi Maponya And Nkhensani Nkosi
19 November 2012   Are You In The Creative Industry: How Do You Balance The Creative And The Business Side? Thebe Ikalafeng Chats To Gert Johan Coetzee And Sylvester Falata
16 November 2012   What is an entrepreneur? Thebe Ikalafeng Chats To NSBC And Nedbank
7 November 2012   What Inspired You To Start Your Own Business? Thebe Ikalafeng Chats To Chichi Maponya And Nkhensani Nkosi
4 November 2012   2012 Ideas Expo Botswana – Recap
31 October 2012   Zuma Appoints New Muscle To Market SA
19 October 2012   High Stakes In Celeb Endorsements
15 September 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng as Competition Judge
6 September 2012   Ghana Must Project An International Image Through Commerce
11 August 2012   #StartSomething with Bonnke Shipalana and Thebe Ikalafeng
25 July 2012   Ideas That Inspire
24 July 2012   HR Institute To Host Exhibition At Convention
July 2012   The Politics & Power Of Africa’s Middle Class
23 July 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng On Brand Africa
23 July 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng Is On Hand To Provide Inspiration And Advice At The Destiny Forum
3 July 2012   MD Of Brand Leadership, Thebe Ikalafeng Will Provide Insight Into Africa’s Impact On Brands At The DESTINY Forum
29 June 2012   International And Local Speakers To Share Expertise At The Inaugural Destiny Forum
11 June 2012   Top Judges For Awards
8 June 2012   Judges Selected For Women Of The Year Award
6 June 2012   Africa's Top Brand Is SA
6 June 2012   SA Wins Most Valuable African Nation Brand 2012
6 June 2012   SA Wins Most Valuable African Nation Brand 2012
31 May 2012   Nigeria Among Africa’s Most Valuable Nation Brands
29 May 2012   Improved Modern Highways Sell Kenyan Brand Globally
29 May 2012   South Africa Emerges Africa’s Most Valuable Nation Brand
29 May 2012   Top Executives At Brand Kenya Forum
28 May 2012   MTN Tops Local Brand Finance 50
28 May 2012   Most Valuable African Nation Brand 2012 Announced
28 May 2012   Africa Home To World’s Fastest Growing Economies, Says Brand Expert
25 May 2012   MTN Is Most Valuable African Brand - Report
25 May 2012   MTN Tops Brand Finance South Africa 50
25 May 2012   MTN Is Most Valuable African Brand – Report
25 May 2012   Which African Countries Have The Strongest ‘Nation Brands’?
25 May 2012   Brand SA Named As Most Valuable In Africa
25 May 2012   SA Most Valuable Brand In Africa
25 May 2012   Brand Africa - Flexing Its Muscles In The 21st Century
25 May 2012   Africa: Kenya Ranked Eighth Among Continental Brands
25 May 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng on Africa Nation Brands
24 May 2012   SA’s Top Brands Revealed
24 May 2012   Most Valuable South African Brands Revealed
22 May 2012   Brand Africa To Name Africa’s 10 Top Economies Friday
22 May 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng On MTN's Rising Global Brand and Value
3 May 2012   Is Africa’s Negative Image Justified? Eleven Viewpoints
27 April 2012   Ikalafeng To Appear On BBC Africa Debate In Kampala, Uganda On Africa's Global Image: Justified Or Prejudiced?
27 April 2012   Ikalafeng On BBC Africa Debate: Africa's Image - Justified Or Prejudiced? Kampala, Uganda
24 April 2012   The De Facto "South Africa Brand 'Tsar' To Speak At SA Business Club In London
26 March 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng On Senegal's Elections And Brand Africa
25 March 2012   SA Tourism Board Members Appointed
13 March 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng on Leadership Branding
2 March 2012   Ikalafeng Appointed Vice-Chairperson Of Brand Council Of South Africa.
March 2012   No More Negative Images Please
3 February 2012   Thebe Ikalafeng On Public Sector Excellent Awards 2011
7 January 2012   Brand Leadership’s Ikalafeng Speaks To CNN’s Robyn Curnow On Building The African Brand
January 2012   A Nurturing Disciplinarian