The Crocodile totem symbolizes
the opportunity for knowledge and
wisdom, internal and external
stakeholders and and represents
birth and re-birth.

Thebeetsile Ikalafeng is the eldest son of Mirriam Finger, nee Ikalafeng, a career nurse, the daughter of Frans Mediole Ikalafeng and Regina Dikalabua Ikalafeng, nee Jabari. Mediole (1914 - 1996) of Bakwena heritage, was born and raised in Molepolole, Botswana, and emigrated to South Africa in 1933. Dikalabua (1919 - 1992) of Batlhaping heritage, was born and raised in Taung, North West, South Africa. The first grandchild of Mediole and Dikalabua, he was named Thebeetsile, which in Setswana means, the Shield (Thebe) has arrived (-etsile), anointing him as the one to protect and enhance the Ikalafeng for future generations. He has two sisters, Dr. Keromamang Bridget Ikalafeng and Galebotse Regina Finger and a brother, Montshiwa Kgosiemang Herbert Finger.

His totem is Kwena - the Crocodile. The Crocodile is the primal mother and the keeper and protector of knowledge. They have great wisdom from having survived two-hundred million years on the Earth. They can live to be seventy to one-hundred years old. This totem symbolizes the opportunity for knowledge and wisdom, and represents birth and reĀ­birth. Crocodiles are a resilient creature able to survive in both land and water. Their brain size is that of a walnut defying their great intelligence and keen instincts.

The Crocodile is a fierce and powerful animal. They signify leadership, intelligence, endurance and ancient magic. They are a spiritual and medicine Totem providing insight and internal power to those who seek their spirit council. The Intelligent Crocodile Totem possesses the following virtues: Powers of attraction to the opposite sex, learning, knowledge, intelligence, creativity, strength, endurance through difficulty, opportunity, and intuition.

The Crocodile animal totem is a strong spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most influential of all animal totems. Reference: